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2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil by EA Sports Review
Due to EA Sports' vision that the game be accessible to a wider audience, especially in Brazil, the game would only be released on the PS3 and XBOX 360, which have more owners than the PS4 and XB1. Suddenly we were all back in those bars watching …
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The Last Of Us Screenshot, Videos Show Difference Between PS3, PS4 Versions
We've already seen it with Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, a game that was nary a year old but was re-released on the new-gen consoles for $ 60 and a few of the same features that PC gamers have already been experiencing for the past year. Well, the …
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Review: MXGP: The Official Motocross Game (PlayStation 3)
MXGP: The Official Motocross Game – the petrol obsessed production house's latest attempt at simulating motocross – is no different, providing a straightforward rags-to-riches affair that will keep you occupied in spite of its shortcomings. It's …
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Ever Wanted To: Run (and drink champers) at Champenoise
This week, in true French style, we can offer you a half-marathon run through the Champagne valley … and wait for it, the drink stations on the course will actually serve up champers, the real stuff.
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Trials Fusion review (Xbox One): Teaching an old bike new tricks

Trials Fusion review (Xbox One): Teaching an old bike new tricks
It's a game of trial and error, yes, but each fault acts as a learning experience for the next attempt, practising until you have built up the focus and skill to earn enough medals to advance to the next set of events. Trials Fusion rides sees the …
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GTA V PC: European Retailer Lists 'Grand Theft Auto 5′ PC Version for 2015
The Romanian retailer also listed the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game on its website this week. And the manager of a German website has also said that “Grand Theft Auto V” will become available for other platforms in the apparent near …
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Terraria Patch 1.2 Offers Mountain Of New Content On PS3, Vita, Xbox 360
… and bid farewell to your free time, because the stupid jerk-faces behind Terraria have gone and added in update 1.2, a free batch of DLC for the PS3, Vita and Xbox 360 versions of the build-it-yourself adventure game that adds a metric ton of new …
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Nifty open world, randomly generated horror game Grave coming to Xbox One
Broken Window Studios' survival-horror game Grave has added Xbox One to its list of supported platforms, with the Microsoft console launch joining planned Linux, Mac, and Windows releases in early 2015. If you haven't heard of Grave, it's an open world …
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Apple ipod repair in mumbai 9867635653

Apple ipod repair in mumbai 9867635653 Apple ipod repair in mumbai 9867635653.
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Call of Duty: Ghosts Devastation DLC will reach PS4, PS3, and PC next month
Damn they need to put this game to rest already, take it out back and shoot it, make sure you double tap so it doesn't get back up, I'm sure other developers would also like if everyone who wasted $ 60 on this piece of trash maybe think of buying a …
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20 Video Games to Watch for Spring 2014
A turn-based fantasy strategy game for PCs in 2014? A sequel to one of the best fantasy strategy series ever devised? By the original series developer, founded in 1997 and still intact some 17 years later? Gorgeous-looking 3D maps? A multiple-sides …
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Xbox 360 and PS3 game releases for April 2014
Formerly a handheld exclusive, Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate — Deluxe Edition offers the same "dynamic story and gameplay" experienced on Vita/3DS now on Xbox 360 and PS3, in high-definition. The game also includes a new map and hint system …
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How To Fix iPad 1 Touch Screen

How To Fix iPad 1 Touch Screen – Repair a damaged or cracked touch screen using this video guide. Our screen repair guide will walk you through all the requ…

Loud Speaker Repair - iPad 2 GSM How to Tutorial

In this tutorial iPhone Repair Miami Beach will show you step by step how to replace loud speaker on iPad 2 GSM. Do not forget to subscribe to our YouTube Ch…
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How to save the Federation – top tips for FTL: Faster Than Light for iPad (Part 2)
Generally, it's better to save Drones for more passive roles. The Ship Repair Drone, for example, is great, since it's the only way you can repair hull damage without stopping at a store. And, of course, it'll likely save you Scrap in the long run, for …
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Cosmic DJ is a quirky music sequencer more than it is a rhythm game
Developer GL33k's Cosmic DJ straddles the line between video game and interactive music tool, an application that sends players on an intergalactic mission to make music, repair "jamtennas" and save a space corgi. Cosmic DJ, according to its creators …
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Geeks on Wheels are the real IT deal
During the past 18 months the company has seen a 30% rise in setting up Apple products, ranging from iPhone and iPad set-ups to Mac issues. But with the new release of Windows 8, the support firm expects to take on many upgrading jobs, helping …
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New Johnson Drive business offers all types of computer repairs – not just Apple
The Johnson Drive store is full service with its own technicians on site and can offer some repairs while the customer waits. Arter's business card offers same day iPhone, iPad, iPod samrtphone, tablet and laptop repairs. Diagnosis is free. He works on …
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Ubisoft to support PS3 & Xbox 360 'for years'

Ubisoft to support PS3 & Xbox 360 'for years'
Slowly but surely, games exclusive to the next-generation are finally being made. Ubisoft is pledging to go next-gen only with Assassin's Creed Unity, for example. However, not everyone is ready to leave the last generation behind. Ubisoft has …
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GameStop announces PS3-to-PS4 upgrade offer for MLB 14: The Show
GameStop today announced a special PlayStation 3-to-PlayStation 4 upgrade offer for Sony's Major League Baseball game MLB 14: The Show. If you're a PowerUp Rewards member, you can get the PS4 version for $ 20 when you trade in the PS3 version, …
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Hints and Tips – How to repair an Apple wireless keyboard

For more great videos like these, visit A wireless keyboard had some Apple juice spilled on it; it still works but some of the…
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'Disney Infinity' Video Game Rumored To Add Star Wars And Marvel Comics

'Disney Infinity' Video Game Rumored To Add Star Wars And Marvel Comics
However, according to some other rumors, the Disney Infinity 2.0 game will be made available for the following consoles: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii U. Again, these are just speculations and Disney has not …
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New Game of Thrones free on Xbox Live this week
Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners in the US are being offered the chance to watch the first episode of the fourth series of Game of Thrones free of charge. It will be available to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers until April 14th, after which you'll need to …
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Xbox Live Gold: Free Xbox 360 Games for April 2014
Hitman: Absolution is available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers for free from April 1 through April 15. Absolution is the latest installment of the highly-acclaimed Hitman franchise. The game has received plenty of accolades including a 9/10 rating from IGN.

Warface Xbox 360 beta ends, game launches April 22
Warface Xbox 360 beta ends, game launches April 22. Monday, 7th April 2014 21:39 GMT By Sherif Saed. Share on: Facebook · Twitter · Reddit · Google+. 1. Warface developer Crytek has announced that the beta period of its free-to-play shooter Warface on …
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