5 Predictions for the Gaming Industry in Late 2012

2012 Gaming Industry Predictions

5 Predictions for the Gaming Industry in Late 2012

People have tried to predict the future from ancient times. Humans in general are intrigued by something they do not understand and can’t control. I’m going to give you my own opinion on which events are quite likely to happen in the gaming industry in the late 2012. I’m quite confident about my predictions and they will surely happen this year or the next.

The following are the most likely predictions for the gaming industry in late 2012:

#1: Microsoft will announce a new system and most of its features.

Halo 4:  2012 Gaming Industry Predictions

First, they will reduce the price for Xbox 360. They seem to do this every time they are about to launch something big. They want to empty their storage facilities so they can store millions of copies of the new system.

Second, they will give tiny clues about what’s coming next. Each new piece of information will be accompanied by rumors coming from all directions. The product will finally be released in 2013 and it will be more successful than kinect. I believe that Microsoft has finally figured out how to make big money in this industry.

#2: Wii U by Nintendo will be a success.

Wii U:  2012 Gaming Industry Predictions

Wii U will sell millions of copies and its sales will surpass the last model’s sales count. Wii U is not an entirely new platform but it comes with a bunch of useful additions. Nintendo will make the new model more powerful without taking out the ability to play older games.

All the major games will be playable on the platform right from the beginning and this is why the Wii U sales will break record after record.

#3: Sony will focus more of its energies on software.

PS3 Slim with Move:  2012 Gaming Industry Predictions

Sony does right now both software and hardware. This is quite a challenge even for a massive company like Sony. To keep up with the competition, it will have to focus on one or the other.

Sony will likely pick the software option because the real money is coming from software. God of War: Ascension and Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us are already expected to become big successes.

#4: There will be at least one new big player in the industry.

Steam Box:  2012 Gaming Industry Predictions

We live now in times when things look set in the gaming industry. Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony seem like the indisputable kings and queens. My intuition tells me that something disruptive is about to happen that will shake this industry from its very foundation. Either a new platform will be invented and this platform will be better than everything else on the market or a new company will go for a simple solution that will be better, faster and more intuitive than anything else could find on the market.

#5: The mobile games market will continue its whooping annual increase.

The mobile games market is increasing each year by double digit percentages. It will continue its growth and many new developers will create outstanding mobile games. When a market is growing, the talent in that industry moves to the hot area where one can find the potential for growth and for big money.

The above predictions will likely happen in late 2012. Stay tuned and wait to see if they are going to happen or not. I really believe that they are going to happen most likely in late 2012.

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