Play the top 5 Sniper Games

The top sniper games have to be easy to play, accurate and provide an exciting and challenging environment. Most sniper games out there are either too simplistic or they don’t offer enough challenges.

The following are the top 5 sniper games that you could find:

#1: Fallout 3

Play Sniper Games:  Fallout 3

This is the third version of the game series and it features an action roleplaying game. The environment of the game is war-like and it was created by the Sino-American war which started in 2077.

Only 1000 humans were able to survive after the nuclear fallout. The player starts from an enclosed area and it has to explore what remains from Washington city. The player is not alone and it has to cooperate with others in order to achieve certain quests together. This makes the game more dynamic and interesting to play. You can’t actually win the game simply by shooting at the targets. You also have to use your strategic wits.

This game was a bestseller right from the beginning. It sold more than 610,000 units in the first 30 days after the launch.

#2: Borderlands 2

Play Sniper Games:  Borderlands 2

This game was launched in September 18, 2012. It’s a roleplaying shooter game. This means that you can build a character while shooting the bad guys. As a result, the game allows for a rewarding experience.

The game characters that players play gain experience and items as they overcome new challenges and kill the bad guys. As a result, you can upgrade your weapons so they become more efficient and you can earn even more experience points faster and easier than without any upgrades.

#3: Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Play Sniper Games:  Battlefield: Bad Company 2

This is a shooter game that was released on all major platforms: Windows, iOS, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. The game can be played in different ways and it even lets you destroy buildings. They will be demolished and fall to the ground like in the real world.

More than 9 million official copies of the game were sold. Because of its success, its developers and designers also released an expansion pack in December 21, 2010.

After a time of playing shooter games you might feel like you are doing a boring job. Each virtual killing may seem like a task that you have to do, not necessarily that you want to do. Bad Company 2 is different and makes you feel like you have plenty of things to do. For example, you can even control tanks, helicopters and other vehicles that make the game feel more interesting and real.

This game truly feels like a reality based game that gives you plenty of challenges and riddles to solve. I encourage you to try it out and check it out for yourself.

#4: Halo Series

Play Sniper Games:  Halo

This shooter game is all about a war that broke out between humans and a race of aliens. It comes with its own mythology and unique features. It’s a pleasure to play and you will learn many new things along the way about the Halo world.

This game alone is one of the most important reasons why people buy the Xbox platform. At the moment, both the Xbox platform and the Halo series are owned by Microsoft that earns big money from the sales of both products.

The entire Halo ecosystem sold more than 3 billion in goods, game copies and related services. It’s also important to know that more than 43 million copies of the Halo 3 were sold worldwide.

The success of the game prompted other developers to purchase the franchise license from Microsoft and develop related games and products. It is expected that Halo 4 will be launched in November 4, 2012. Many millions of people from all around the world can’t wait for the new release of the Halo game series.


Play Sniper Games:  TF2

This is a free to play shooter video game. This game is quite different from other games of its genre. It features unique weapons, player classes and other different features. I encourage you to give it a try. The full name of the game is Team Fortress 2.

I also invite you to check out all of the above games. Start with the first one on the list and go from there. Many of them let you play it for free with just a few restrictions. Go right now and kill some virtual bad guys by playing one of the above sniper games.

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